How we recorded and manipulated the sound.

Our equipment:
For our film we are using a Sony H2n with a Rode mic. It’s prosumer but I think it’s absolutely fine.

My background is in music and sound design and I went through the whole 90’s revolution of analogue to digital. During that time as a professional musician I felt under a constant pressure; is the sound quality good enough? Obviously 8 bit is no good, it has to be 16 bit, no, it has to be 24 bit at 48 kHz – no, none of it is as good as the warm sound of analogue. Then Mp3s came out – and the sound quality was shite… but no one cared because most of the time they couldn’t tell. That was a big lesson for me – it confirmed what I believed, but dare not say – I can’t tell the difference between 16 bit and 24 bit – even more heretical; I can’t tell the difference between digital and tape or digital and vynil… or at least I can’t tell which is better.

Not only are we happy with 16 bit sound, it’s not synced! We match it up with the picture in Final cut pro. It’s slightly time consuming but so is faffing about with leads on set.

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