7 03 2014

This Blog is a place where we will talk about making the film 5 Greedy Bankers.

If you’ve got any questions – leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

The main purpose of this Blog will be to show some of our more unconventional approaches to film making from script writing through to mixing sound. Some people will be horrified but I think many people will find some useful stuff. The film making process is constantly changing and we are attempting some techniques that are new and unconventional. We are not saying this is how it should be done – we’re just showing what we do – including things that don’t go right – and how we fix them! Check out the different ‘department’ pages which we’ll be updating. We are mid production so these will be going up when we have time. Please subscribe and then you’ll be the first to know.

About Simon DaVison
I’m the Writer and Director of the film but I also will be doing some of the filming, some of the post production in After Effects and a lot of the music as Composing is how I started out. My approach is that as an independent film maker it pays to get involved with all aspects of the film. The danger of course is that you get too close to the film – but we have such a great team who are all making huge contributions – not least Pippa Haywood and Ramon Tikaram who are constantly guiding the process.